WHBPC 2010 Final

So here it is...the WHBPC 2010 final in Berlin between two arch U.S rivals, the Milwaukee Beaver Boys playing in purple (good colour) vs Chicago's Machine Polotics in their yellow v-neck T's.

The two teams had already met in the winners bracket a few games earlier in a game which was much more of an equal battle...but Beaver Boys took that game putting Machine Polotics into the loser bracket game against L'Equipe.

When the U.S rematch was on in the final, most of the court side watchers were shouting for Chicago to win. They were top guys, despite beating us 5-1 in our second game of the tourney (cosmic lessons from that game) and were a pleasure to watch play. However, the final was done and dusted by the Beaver Boys in under 5 mins. Crazy quick...and to note that the Beaver Boy who scored all 5 goals is still riding fixed....old skool!

But overall Beaver Boys deserved the win and title of worlds best, I have a lot of respect for them as they are def an awesome team, with some great skills.



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