...is now Cosmic's polo world ranking - epic!

Full WHBPC 2010 report, with photo's and video's, to come.

Till then, just to say, huge thanks to Berlin for putting together such an incredible event. The worlds polo scene really mixed and came together for the first time, which will only help it to grow and gain more support on a global level.

Also, it has to be mentioned now that Europe proved how serious it's game really is. A lot of words and statements about the standard of European polo have been taken back this past weekend.

It was said that no UK team would finish top 10 and that the US would dominate over Europe in the final rankings. This turned out not to be the case. True, is was an all American final, but it nearly wasn't. Many big US teams took defeats and Europe had 5 teams in the top 10. An amazing finish when you consider most European cities/teams haven't been playing polo for more than a couple of years. It just shows that our commitment and dedication to progression is paying off. Big love to the European family!

Can't wait for next years worlds.


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