Super Night Tuesday Polo

So last night our winter league journey came to an epic end with a fixture double header at Mitch. First up Malice and then BAD straight after - what a way to close our campaign!

However, the prospect of playing these two well established London teams back to back could have been far different if it had not been for the fact that on paper we had nothing to actually play for. BAD had already won the league and we'd secured a proud 2nd place.

But just imagine if it all really did have to come down to the very last game between us and BAD. Ahh now that would have been interesting.

Anyway, as it turned out, our plan for the evening was to just have fun, try a few new things but overall hold back a little so as not to risk braking any bike bits or worse, ourselves, just before the UK Champs this weekend.

The trouble is, knowing how competitive us 3 teams are, deep down we all still wanted to come out on top against eachother, especially us over BAD because they had been unbeaten all season. So, of course it was likely these games were actually gonna get a bit heated.

As the games unfolded we worked moments of great play and scored some awesome goals, but we also suffered against the tactics of Malice (the 'Bum' rush assault was insane) as well as the wrath of a 3 out BAD formation (just red shirts all over the court).

In the end, despite all suffering some crashes and me braking yet another mallet (too many recently), the games held just the right level of confiction and commitment from each team to provide some of the most entertaining and fast paced polo this season. Oh and we stopped BAD's unbeaten run - sorry guys!

Cheers to both Malice and BAD for being great opponents as well as providing this years league with some great polo and not forgetting a big congrats to BAD for their 2nd league win.

The final scores were...

Malice vs Cosmic :

Game 1:
1-0 andy
1-1 mat
1-2 mat
2-2 andy
3-2 Iain

Game 2:
1-0 Iain
1-1 mat
1-2 mat
1-3 tom
1-4 tom
2-4 andy
3-4 Iain

Game 3:
0-1 mat
0-2 mat
1-2 andy

Cosmic vs Bad:

Game 1:
1-0 tom
1-1 brndn
2-1 tom

Game 2:
1-0 mat
1-1 dave
2-1 mat
2-2 aidan
2-3 dave
2-4 aidan
2-5 aidan

Game 3:
0-1 dave
0-2 dave
1-2 Todd
2-2 tom
2-3 ?
2-4 aidan
3-4 tom
3-5 dave

For the final league standing click here


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