My Top 5's of 2009 - Mat

1) The Euro's

Never experienced anything like that event. Was more like a community getting together than a tourney and having my family and friends get behind and cheer on Cosmic, made the whole thing feel even more awesome.

Also to mention, the Euro Qualies, were awesome too. Not just because we qualified 2nd, but how we did it. After losing 2 games straight early on, I remember so vividly, all 3 of us sat on a bench. Our minds, first in shock, as we were suddenly staring defeat and non qualification in face. However, we got our shit together and knew what had to be done - just win all our games. So that's what we did and in epic style too. It was the classic Cosmic fighting team spirit, we are now known for. We always work as a team and never give up till the game is dead. One of the best team assets to hold.

2) The Cambridge Tourney

Our first win and it was a proud moment. I felt London Polo changed that day.

Ohh and what an beautiful trophy to get, it's even got our name engraved on the front. It still takes pride sitting space at the Northgate.

3) London League

Not over yet, but so far, the league has produced some of the best games. Just having a simple league set up has given such energy around London Polo. It's helped step play up, as every game matters.

We're currently sitting in 2nd, but I'm confident we can win and that will hands down be the best feeling and achievement.

4) Downham

This one is recognition of a place rather than just one single experience. Downham is the new home of London Polo. So many amazing things have happend at this court in North East London. It's where the scene comes together to play and have great times. For atmosphere and fun, it all happens here.

Ohh and nothing can beat a long summers day at Downham with beer, bbq's, friends and loads of throw-ins.

5) Travel

This isn't a Cosmic specific experience, but Polo has opened up the reason to travel again, to find and experience new places and things. There is no better feeling than packing a bag full of just essentials and heading off with your bike to some place new. It really opens up your mind and makes you feel kinda free from the often hassles of home. I love it and I know there will be more trips to come in 2010 - Karlsruhe in Feb to start off with!

Keep pedaling and awesome times will sure follow!


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