A Cosmic 2009

I’ve only been a part of Polo since spring, but during this short time, I’ve witnessed and experienced some amazing moments.

The whole global Hard-court Polo scene has shown so much progression, this year. There has been more players, teams, tournies, leagues, road trips, rule changes, courts, sponsors, playing styles, mallet types, specific bikes, talk and interest in the game than ever before…ohh and of course, Cosmic³ came together.

Having only just formed back in June, we’ve had an awesome time, achieved so much already and definitely helped elevate London Polo.

The team for me has been a great experience and given me way more than just an opportunity to play in essentially what is a fun bike and ball game.

Next, I want myself and Cosmic to play and progress even more. I want to see new things, faces and places. But most of all through Polo, I want to just keep having the best fun ever!

So as 09 closes, I just wanna say thanks to Toddy, Tom and LDN Polo.

I’ve got a feeling 2010 is gonna be an epic year – can’t wait!


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