PoloMotion, Utrecht, October 23/24 2010

PoloMotion was part of the BikeMotion Benelux Expo which ran for 3 days over this last weekend. 32 teams competed on a slick indoor court, though the surface was nowhere near as slippery as last February's Greif Masters Court.

Format was the Karlruhe Wheel, with teams playing 6 qualifiers each and the top 8 going through to knock-out finals. I formed a team with Bianca and Jamal, we named ourselves Bride of Franklinstein, and we had a heck of a lot of fun. We won all 6 qualifier games, finishing 3rd in the rankings for the finals. We then demolished Berlin's Rakete in 4 minutes, before succumbing to Karlsruhe's Shark Attack in a tense 4-3 semi-final.

Bambule took the trophy, which was definitely a deserved win. Sharks came second and we tied for 3rd with Polosynthese.

All in all an awesome weekend of polo. Lots of friendly faces, great games and plenty of laughs. As a team, we'd never previously played together, but this won't be our last outing. We might need to change the team name next time though. Dutch Cosmic anyone?!


Anonymous said...

Dutch Cosmic FTW! At least until the original can reunite ;-) Well done Tom and Bee!

Anonymous said...

cosmic breasts v2?

Mr. Carrillo said...

Nice mallet Tomasito! hahaha