The London BFF 14th - 17th Oct

Don't forget during 14th - 17th October the Bicycle Film Festival roles into London town.

Celebrating 10 years of the festival...the film line up is looking awesome. From the usual unique mini shorts to exclusive docu's, such as the awesome film all about BMX legend Matt Hoffman as well as an anniversary showing of ET...the film which made every kid want a Kuwahara BMX!

Our good friend Brendan Mcnamee of BAD Polo and Blunt Films, has two films being shown this year in the Urban Bike Shorts collection.

One is ''12 Miles of Style' a film about the now famous Tweed run which takes place in London every year.

The other is a creative edit called 'We've got it on tape' and features Bike Polo from recent tournies as well as some more unique footage - watch carefully and you might see the beautiful silhouettes of Toddy and I.

To view the full film listing and buy tickets check here

In addition to the BFF there's the annual BFF Bike Polo Tourney, which this year will be on Sunday 17th at Newington Gardens Court.

The format for this years tourney is a bit different, as the focus is more on games being 'experimental'. With this, a few standard Bike Polo rules have been changed and no-one can play with their usual team or with players they've played with before. As a result...cosmic have split to form the following experimental super teams...

Toddy, Gabes (Apples), Aidan (BAD).
Mat, Em (Apples), Greg (MGM Paris).

The format has been controversial to Bike Polo purest...but regardless I'm sure it's gonna to be a fun day....so get down and support!


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