WHBPC 2010 Cosmic vs The Odds

Just found this nice edit of our first game on the double elim day us vs The Odd's, who were the North American Champs...tough draw...and hell, we nearly, I mean should have had them.

With 1.30min left on the clock and after us going 3-2 up from Toddy's wheely take to goal, I should have ended the game due to a clear shot on goal...but I was going super fast on the break and could feel the dude chasing me hard. With the pressure there, I shot late only to hit the post! The good damn post! 9 times out of 10 I would have got that in...but it wasn't to be. I left the shot so late, I didn't even have the space to turn away from goal, so ended up crashing into it. Then Chris from The Odds picked up the loose ball went on the attack and to his credit scored a great goal to suddenly make it 3-3 with less than a min left. I went from hero to zero - sucked hard!

Then The Odds applied ridiculous physical pressure...body checks, charges, hassles on the keeper, but it paid off and they got the winner with 8 secs to go!

Painful result.

After that game, we knocked Malice out (sorry) and with it ended one of the longest team relationship in London Polo history (team BAD are still the only original team together from the early London day)...


Just found this one too...the moment when El Club knocked out The Odds...Euro sweetness!

Watch carefully at 18 sec in when Lucas comes up against Chris with a legal shoulder to shoulder, only for Chris to push him off with his hand. He was good at doing that kinda stuff...he was all over me in our game. But I still he's fast with skills and rides a FBM, so I'll allow it....just!


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