Pac Bike Polo Top Tube Pad - Review

The good guys at BLB have given us each a custom made top tube pad which has be specifically designed to hold mallets and produced by Canadian bike bag brand PAC.

I was so in need of this item because using cut inner tubes as mallet straps just wasn't fitting the image + now my cable and (rusty) top tube get's a bit of protection!

Having now used the pad for a few weeks I can honestly say the design is spot on for function. The design itself is simple...the pad is of a tough material construction with full length velcro closure. Then to strap the mallets on (fits two comfortably), two lengths of velcro at either end of the pad are used, which wrap around the mallet shaft holding firmly in place - simple, but effective.

My pad is in solid black (an assortment of colours are available) with a little PAC tag stitched on one side. Overall, the design is very clean and does it's job perfect. The only downside is I can no longer see the 'eye of cosmic' sticker which is stuck on the top tube, thus I can't look at it to gain cosmic strength. I'm sure the eye will burn through the pad eventually, but perhaps a cosmic x pac colour way is needed?

Anyway....the standard PAC Bike Polo top tube pad is def worth a purchase.

Available now to buy for £25 from BLB and Big Mamafor EU distro .


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