The Joust v.2

The FleetVelo Joust version 2 has just gone into production and it's looking good.
The frame is now built for 135mm rear hub and can now take 2.0 tyres (though 2.5 with a bit more space would be awesome).

This is the first prototype which has been set up for adjustments.

After seeing version 1 at the Worlds, I was really excited about seeing the new version and would love to get my hands on one.

I've been looking a lot at frames built for 26" wheels pretty much all of them are too long especially mtbs. Jump / trial frames are an option but I don't like the builds so much.

The market is about to get flooded with 26" trick frames so more options will be available yet all of these will have long top tubes for bar spinning.

I think the Joust is the nearest there is to what I want....


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