Who's the new cosmic one...

- Who are you and what you do off the Bike Polo court?

I'm Rupert (aka Snoops), off the court I make bags, watch BMX vids, declutter, cook well, watch good films and get really good shut-eye.

- What's your Bike Polo background?

One and a half years in the game. I started playing in Manchester, I formed Netto Superstars with Chan and Mirek. We played together for about 8 months, placing in the top ten at the first EHBPC and finishing second in the London BFF 09. I moved back to London just over a year ago, began playing Buffalo Bill of Moving Target Magazine and Mark Horatio in Three Beards. I had an awesome time playing with them and am very grateful for times on and off the court we shared. Now I'm playing with cosmic, we were the highest ranking UK team at the The London Open our first tournament together, which bodes well for the future.

- What motivates you to play Bike Polo?

I have a funny relationship with Bike Polo. Sometimes I play for fun, just to knock the ball about and do silly tricks, but then there are the tournaments and league fixtures where I can feel myself taking it more seriously and it becomes my sport. Bike Polo is my sport and is my past time.

- Describe your playing style in three words?

Slow, fast, goal.

- What's the new bike set up you're now rolling on?

I ride a DAMP Cycles Butterbean. I approached Per (DAMP owner) when I saw the first pictures of his Butterbean frame, I told him it could be great for Bike Polo with a few tweaks. He's a lovely guy, a long email conversation begun about how it could be more specifically for Bike Polo. So after a few tweaks he sent me a frame to test. So far I'm loving it, it turns on a dime, it's built tough and the craftsmanship is top notch. Very clean welds, good design and the paint finish is a rubberized matt black. I ride freewheel, 700c 27-18, rear brake.

- What's your take on Bike Polo at the moment?

Bike Polo is getting interesting, it is in transition. I started for fun, I got good, I now play for sport. I feel that is what is happening to everyone world-wide. We are all aware that this thing we used to do for fun is now bigger than we ever imagined and we are on top of it. Right now, players are still in control and that's a beautiful thing. Although, I fear soon, there will be tournaments popping up that are not arranged by players. This could change the game for the worse, but right now, this is an amazing time be a part of Bike Polo.

- Why did you join cosmic?

I joined cosmic to play Bike Polo at the highest level. It helped that Mat and Todd are good friends and a joy to play with.

- What are your visions for the team?

My visions for cosmic are that we play as a team of equal thirds, that we play own game and no one else's and that we only get better. I want to be UK and European champions next year, anything else is a bonus. I think it's possible but it's going to be tough.

- Where do you most want to play Bike Polo next?

I want to play Bike Polo in Barcelona, the Spanish players excite me. They play so fast and are new to the game but so far are good. And I heard they have a circular court with lights till 2am!

- Here's a quick fire cosmic test...answer a or b.

1. a) wizard - b) magician.
2. a) squares - b) triangles
3. a) telepathy - b) hypnosis
4. a) dragons - b) unicorns
5. a) thunder - b) lightning
6. a) deep ocean - b) deep space
7. a) believer - b) dreamer

1. a) wizard
2. b) triangles
3. a) telepathy
4. a) dragons
5. a) thunder
6. b) deep space
7. b) dreamer

- Say three words to close this interview...

play, more, polo.


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Mr. Carrillo said...

No Rupert, we don't get lights 'till 2 AM.... we got them all night long, baby!
Come and show that cosmic style of yours!!!