WHBPC 2010 Update

With the World Champs only just over a week away...that's come round quick! Prep for the tourney is well under way.

The poster and schedule is printed...

Yesterday the courts got a bit of TLC...

Don't see Rik of Rotten Apples in the photo below...sure the Berlin dudes could do with his helpful hands. Rik was pretty much the groundsman at London's Downham court. Rik...you bring any worms?

And all the teams are confirmed...

The line of teams who qualified to take the original open spots are HERE

Then on Friday 13th there's a preliminary tournament to grab a further 14 spots. The list of teams who will battle it out for these are HERE

So with the tournament made up of the worlds best teams from 3 continents, playing in a wicked city and in weather predicted to stay sunny and hot all weekend, things are set to be epic!

For up to date news, info and results check HERE


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