Another Cosmic Bike...

With so much Polo having gone down this summer, esp over the past month, thought I'd take some time off the court. But of course not off a bike, so I decided to dust of the blue tarpaulin in the garden and build up my other cosmic bike...my 2007 Metal Rebel Contender.

The basic bike spec is...

2007 Metal Rebel Contender 20,75TT in mint green with new cosmic decals.
Rear Union purp 36h cassette hub on a chrome Primo rim with an amber wall tyre.
Front Union black 36h hub on black Odyssey rim with an amber wall tyre.
Odyssey Twombolt 175mm cranks with Odyssey Twisted plastic pedals.
Odyssey Race forks with Union and S&M cock pit.

Currently the build is brakeless, but I might put a Union rear U brake on depending how I feel...its been awhile since I rode BMX let alone rode freewheel brakeless.

Cheers to John and Kev at Volt BMX/ for hooking me up with new parts....atleast my bike looks back in fashion...if I don't.

There's a few from London Polo who have recently bought either 20" or 24" BMX's, so the plan is just to take it easy and go for a few low key sessions in between Polo throw-in nights...basically have a bit or fun!

Fingers x'd no-one gets hurt!

Also, on going through some archive tape I found this very short edit from an evening session probably back around 2006, at a spot we used to ride called 4Feathers. Think it might still be open to ride, but with a different set up. Was an awesome winter hang out from 2004 - 07.

Wish I had more footage of our riding and the scene back then...good times!


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