I Love My Bicycle - An FBM Doc

If you don't know already cosmic is a big fan of FBM Fixed FBM BMX. The bike co. is rider owned, rooted in BMX, has a true passion for the riding lifestyle and of course produces awesome hand built products.

So last year when they screened a documentary all about their turbulent history at London's BFF I was straight in there to buy a ticket to watch.

The film was awesome, not only because of the content and great story told about FBM but also it brought a lot of personal memories back about my own early days in BMX and finding the love of my bicycle. Those early days in BMX have now long passed me by. However, I now have polo and am experiencing similar exciting, fun and new moments but with the added benefit of more mature eyes. So, I still take great inspiration from the ideas and passion FBM have.

Anyway...the film, directed by Joe Stakun, is available on DVD but has also just been put up on Least Most for a limited time only in order for people who didn't see it at the BFF to watch it now - for free, cheers!

So go watch and enjoy.

I heart my and your bicycles!


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