BBC London News

To follow on from the recent interview I did with BBC News London about the re-emergance of hardcourt bike polo, this short (very short) edit was broadcasted on the London BBC News throughout the day on 02.08.10.

Shame it couldn't have been slightly longer to include a bit more footage and info on the 'modern' game and considering it was aired on the lunchtime news, atleast mention details on where to play weekday 'slackers' polo.

Hopefully I didn't come across as a twat...I only said the bit about fun and wanting to stay acting like a kid by riding my bike inorder to take the edge off all the competitive team comments I mentioned and details of the weird cosmic rituals we do before each game.

Anway...Carhartt should be happy with a bit of product placement...ha! The BBC's tight restrictions on advertising let that one slip through!


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