EHBPC 2010 Geneva Cosmic vs 24H Polo People

Here's our opening game against 24H Polo People in the group stages on day 1 at EHBPC 2010.

Playing in our fresh white eye of cosmic x carhartt team T's, we decided to go ahead with the rolling 3 out format from the start and it worked out well (and only got better as we progressed in the tourney).

The 3 out format gives you a tighter grasp on possession and more triangle passing options. But you can only play this format during the right times in the game. Still there are moments that require a solid keeper and doubling up in the D.

Overall, think we created the most clear chances and had some great team moments that lead to shots on goal. But unfortunately we failed to convert more than we did. I put those misses just down to us warming up.

24H Polo People had their moments too as we let them slip through our defence. They played well and gave a fair game.

We won 2-0 within the 10min game time.

A good win for our first game.

More cosmic games from the EHBPC 2010 to follow.


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Mr. Carrillo said...

Oh man, thanks for that video!
See you soon!!