D.A.M.P Bicycles

D.A.M.P Bicycles is a small bike co. hailing from Sweden but which is already starting to get noticed in the global Fixed/Bike Polo scene and with positive responses.

The frame which has brought them the most interest on all the Fixed Gear blogs is the Butterbean (shown below in black).

Designed specifically for Fixed tricks riding, the Butterbean has many unique frame features that makes it suitable for current 700c riding trends, such as...

- wide fork and chainstay spacing for fat tires
- a curved seat tube, again to help fit big tires and give a tight wheelbase
- a rear wishbone and headtube gussets to add strength
- perfect geometry for bar spins and twists.

The frame also has some nice finishing details, such as chrome rear stays and a tidy metal wing badge on the wishbone.

700c trick frames are def progressing fast, so it's nice to see a small bike co. in the mix moving things forward.

Check this short film of their tricks team rider thrashing the Butterbean...

Now, this is where things get more interesting...

Since the Butterbean started getting press, lots of people where talking about rumours of a HBP (Hardcourt Bike Polo) specific version, not only being designed but actually one already on route to a London player.

Well...we've had inside knowledge to know that this is true! Infact not only is the vibrant red version shown below heading to Jono Marshall of London's Elk's but a stealthy black one will be under the powers of a Cosmic player very soon.

Both London players have worked closely with D.A.M.P to convert the Butterbean to meet the needs of HBP. The basic frame design and wide tire clearance stays the same, but the geometry has been slightly tweaked and removable front and rear v-brake lugs have been added.

At the moment, the frame set is made to order, but hopefully if the feedback on the Polobeans ride is any where close to how good it looks from the pictures, D.A.M.P could be onto a winner!

I can't wait to see this frame set on the court...

For more info on the Polobean and other products from D.A.M.P, drop the nice guys an email at hello@bikebydamp.com

or check their website and facebook page


- Mat

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