Cosmic at the Euros!

We're just back from this weekend's EHBPC finals in Geneva where 48 teams from all over the continent came together for the second European Championships. Cosmic finished in 2nd place - losing the final to home team and reigning champions L'Equipe. We held them to 4-4 after half an hour of play and we peppered their goal with shots right to the end, but those guys are strong and fast and sadly they ended up making the winner.

All 3 Cosmics played out of their skins - I think it is the best we have ever played, both as individuals and collectively as a team.

Our good friend Alex Schindel of Shark Attack (who also put on a great performance in the elimination) sent through these pics, taken just moments after we finished the final.

We (together with our bikes) are all feeling a bit battered and broken, but still riding high on the spirit of a perfect polo tournament. More thoughts and photos to follow in good time, but for now our special thanks and love go to Bianca and Terese - all weekend long they gave us support and cheers, new mallets and fresh water, high-5s and lots of laughter, and so much more besides. Big Cosmic love to you two lovely ladies x


Team Cosmic said...

My thoughts echo'd Tom...nice write up + two great pics shown...

First one showing the awesome power of the 3 cosmic eyes and the second the cosmic triangle coming together.

Will to relive that epic weekend over and over!


Raul said...

I loved to watch you guys play!!

I was an amazing tournament!!

Thank you all