Charge Bikes

Charge (chargebikes.com) is a UK based bike frame and parts manufacture who a few years ago slipped into the commercial market dominated by the massive US bike companies to offer on trend quality bikes at an affordable price.

Their off the peg Fixed/SS set up the Plug, must have sold up into the 1000's by now and is still one of the best complete entry full set up options out there.

But Charge aren't happy with just offering standard stuff, they also do a range of more specific frame sets and parts as well as a collection of softgoods.

Personally, I like what Charge are doing. They are UK based, who support many aspects of riding and if they can continue to design and release on trend stuff, their future in the bike market looks solid.

Here are a few of my fav products currently available from Charge as well as some new ones due for release in 2011...

The new Fuse gloves :
The Chopstick Seat Post:

The Bucket Saddle :

The Scissor V2 prototype :

Keeping the same geometry as the Scissor V1, the new design will have a mid size bb for fitting BMX cranks and new curved chainstays to fit wider tyres.

The Hob:

This is the new Fixed/SS set up based on the classic sloping downtube design for the ladies - looks rad.


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