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They say all press is good press...but only if you actually get a mention in the first place.

A recent article written by BBC London News unfortunately failed to really give the London HBP scene much promo (no mention of the LFGSS forum, the LHBPA or the forthcoming London Open) or capture the true position of the 'modern' game.

Instead, the article which includes quotes by myself (but credited with the wrong name - it's Mat Horwood of Cosmic thanks), focuses on the tired old story of HBP progressing from Grass Polo (which was once an exhibition sport at the 1908 Olympic Games) and how 'modern' players hand make mallets and 'customise' their bikes...blah blah blah.

Despite myself and other London HBP players providing plenty of content about the now in HBP, non-players appear to only get caught up in the romance of the history, the hands on approach to the game and whether HBP will become an Olympic sport.

My opinion is HBP is not really a sport, it's more of a lifestyle. The game is still very much in it's development stage where it's trying to find it's direction. We use our hands to make our tools out of necessity, as we are the architects of our game but I'd much rather a HBP company make high standard mallets and bikes for me. There are still few rules or governing bodies outlining what is right or wrong. Sure, there needs to be more structure applied to some aspects of the game - esp in tournament situations. But at the moment, the freedom means there's more creativity and experimentation happening - which right now is what's important.

I see HBP staying some what 'underground' for several more years to come. The best thing we (the players) can do is keep growing the scene amongst ourselves (bike lovers) and getting companies and people involved who are focused only on the development of the game. As playing momentum continues HBP will grow but in my eyes it's going to take a long time before it's ever taken as a 'sport' let alone be in the Olympics.

For me, the biggest attraction to HBP is that it's by the players for the players...meaning one can achieve, gain and input what ever one wants from HBP - basically it's there for you.





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