Swiss Bunkers

On doing some research into accommodation in Geneva for our stay at the Euro's, I started to come across info on Swiss bunkers.

Switzerland is unique in having enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate its entire population, should they ever be needed.

We're not talking just holes in the ground or caves, oh no. These bunkers are almost like mini cities, equipped with all sorts of modern facilities, including state of the art communication systems, hospitals and in some cases prisons (just incase you wish to keep the criminals safe too - the Swiss really are pleasant nation).

Many of these bunkers have now been turned into cheap hostel accommodation, containing 1000's of bunk bed dorms. So atleast finding a bed for the night isn't gonna be a problem. I wonder if they have underground Polo courts too. Now that really would be a nation prepared for the worse case scenario.

Here's a short film giving a brief history on the bunkers...

Oh and note some of the funny clips...such as...the dude just getting up from taking a poop on the toilet to the narrator saying...'these bunkers were tested on real humans' yeah, not fake ones!


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