League II Results and Awards

So this years winter season finally came to an epic close at Downham last Saturday with a massive BBQ mash up party.

BAD were crowned winners for the second year in a row...and got two amazing trophies...one made by Toddy and the other by Pip.

We came second and Apples just grabbed third ahead of Malice....sweet!

For all the league results click here

There were also some awards handed out...be them decided by a block vote - fixed!

Cosmic take home 1 team and 1 player award...

Cosmic is now The Dirtiest Team in London Polo! Yeah, can you believe that? Reckon it's just because no-one understands our play...we're forceful but not dirty...well...sometimes you do what you have to do, dont you?

Todd was voted MVP...or should I say...Londons Most Valuable 'Dirtiest' Player!

Ha ha...Toddy...you put the magic and dirt in Cosmic!

Other notable awards...

Cam took Rookie of the Year. Man def has skills...keep the creative play coming...I want to get that 180 rear wheel pivot move down for next season! In Cosmic's opinion, other worthy nominees were Snoops, Emmet, Jonno and Josh....all have helped to push the Polo bar higher this year.

Aidan from Dino's was named most improved. Good vote. I know he's not had an easy season, but he loves polo and gives it eveything he's got. Will be great to see him at the Worlds with Polo Fiasco. But Cosmic's vote went to Rik. Rik's gone from being the most solid in goal to being the most feared out on the attack. Don't ever mess with a Rrrriiiikkkk swing - they will be pain, hey Todd?

Other Cosmic shout outs from League II go to...

Aidan and DT of BAD. These guys have both been awesome all season, so it's no surprise they're league winners - again! Aidan kept things firing in at the front and DT kept things tight at the back - awesome team combo!

Em, was def up there in the MVP list. One of Cosmic's fav players to watch and play against. He is relentless! A player that is always committed to help take their team forward. A massive asset to Apples and any team for that matter.

Also, massive pat on the back to Gabes for all the admin work he did with the league site...every player owes him a cider!

Bring on the London League III asap!

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