Clerkenwell Road EC1

Clerkenwell Road EC1 is one of the main cycle routes linking East to Central. It's also long been on the map due to other bike related reasons; Condor is located there and up untill the mid/late 00's the London courier scene used to meet at a pub called The Duke of York.

These days, the number of riders taking Clerkenwell Road has increased dramatically, especially Fixed riders. The road has now been coined; 'Clerkenfixedwell Road'. On any given day, heaps can be seen waiting (many trackstanding) in packs at the Clerkenwell/Grays Inn Road intersection, as if they're at the start line of a marathon bike race.

As a result, these days I and most riders I know, try to avoid taking this road...if for any reason just to avoid being involved in a bike pile up at a set of lights.

But as of this month, bike lovers have two very good reasons to now ride down Clerkenwell Road again.

The first is the new Rapha pop up store concept, under the name Rapha Cycle Club.

Helped being run by friend James Fairbank (exCarhartt UK), the Rapha Cycle Club is a combination of; gallery, shop and cafe. The idea is to be more than just a retail space...a kinda meeting place and hub for cyclists...a pleasant stop off during a hectic day on the streets.

The Rapha Cycle Club will of course be selling Rapha product including some limited edition pieces (if you're lucky you might be able to pick up some of the sweet cycle caps designed by our very own Toddy) as well as food and drink. There is also a full calendar of exhibtions scheduled and all stages of Giro and the Tour will be screened.

So if you're nearby drop into 146-148 Clerkenwell Road and be treated to the ultimate Rapha experience.

The second reason to roll down Clerkenwell, is to pop into the new cafe - bar - bike workshop space called Look Mum No Hands
This place is totally rad!
The guys behind it have done a great job in creating a space with a mellow atmophere. The interior looks fresh, yet rustic and already well aged. There are also massive windows to sit infront of and watch life go by from, whist drinking a cappacino or bottled Belgium beer over reading complimentary copies of Rouler Mag or just logging onto the forum via the free wi-fi.
There's also a big outside bike parking area, so no need to worry about bike security either. Ohh and don't forget to wipe the dribble from your mouth when you see all the beautiful vintage bikes on displey.
Look Mum No Hands also plan on holding monthly bike related exhibtions as well as screening bike films and events.
This looks set to be the new summer bike hang out.
Go check tomorrow!

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