A Bike Polo Documentary

Here's a short documentary on Bike Polo, from an unnamed city in the States.

The film outlines the basic rules of the game, as well as incorporates some opinions from local players about where Polo currently is and its possible direction in the near future.

There are def two Polo camps forming...One, which is more about the 'community' and 'DIY' aspect of Polo and the other which is trying to standardize play and establish more structure surrounding Polo inorder to make it a more legit sport.

Both positions are valid and are what contributes to the attraction of Polo. But what ever way you currently view Polo, lets all just keep it fun!

Overall, a nicely shot and edited short.

Sure we're gonna be seeing a lot more Polo films this summer!

Bike Polo: A Cycling Sport from Zach Cost on Vimeo.


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