The UK Bike Polo Champs Circle Best Clips

Here's part I and II of Dan Howarth's edited best clips from day 1 of the 'circle' format games. A good selection of Norven tunes sets the mood.

Cosmic's games v The UK Champions is in part I and v ASBO is in Part II at around the 14min mark. In the ASBO game, real shame Dan missed Todd's first goal to hard take down and the resulting ball kick in anger moment - hilarious! Although, worth noting, after that foul, Todd's mallet ended up half way down the court.

But my wheely goal was super rad and so was Tom's firing shot as he x'd bars and went down - slick polo!

UK Bike Polo Champs Part 1 from D Howarth on Vimeo.

UK Bike Polo Champs 2010 Part II from James Howarth on Vimeo.

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