New Mallet Design

Finally, I've put together a mallet head which incorporates the key features I feel are currently needed for Polo.

1) Capped End - This was cut to diameter, glued and screwed into place. Having a capped end seriously helps improve your shooting acuracy.

2) Side Cut - This helps to control the ball when dribbling and receiving at fast pace. Also, you can trap the ball and pivot the mallet on it when turning sharply as well as cover the ball from your apponent.

3) Drilled Holes - This is just to help reduce weight. I could probably drill more, but thought I'd keep this one clean and simple first, then see how it feels.

4) Exposed End - I've scooped out one end to help flick the ball up for lob passes as well as be able to socket drag it around the court. But remember, a capped end is always the business end!

With the shaft, I've used 7075 Ali, which is the strongest grade available. So fingers x'd this should last a few mallet hacks! I've also gone to 95cm length, because since going freewheel I seem to have naturally changed my hitting position and as a result my previous mallet at 90cm didn't feel long enough.
Let's hope this mallet feels awesome and lasts.

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