The Cosmic Lady V

Unlike most London Polo players these days, I still have my 'nice' bike.

This one is the beautiful Lady V. She's been hanging on the wall in my flat all winter, so with spring fully upon us, I decided today to wash her down and build her back for a Sunday ride.

The result felt awesome.
She will def always be a cosmic ride.

Lady V Bike Spec:

Frame: 53,5cm x 53,5cm Vivalo Pro Special
Colour: Black Sparkle
Drive set: Sugino75 165 x Phil Wood Cog x MKS track pedals w/cages
Ratio: 44t x 17t - Fixed
Wheelset: Dura Ace 36h laced 3x to NOS Mavic Open Pros
Cockpit: NJS Nitto Pearl w/ Nitto risers & NJS Hatta Swan headset
Seating set: Nitto 83 post w/ 14BikeCo Concour Saddle
Total cost: Priceless!



Team Cosmic said...

Those black arayas would look awesome on this mat....

Team Cosmic said...

Dont say that now, cos it took me enough time to get round to lacing up the mavic's!