The Yabusame - Polo Frame from Japan

Just found these pics of a prototype polo specific frame designed in Japan by Okayasu Factory.

The frame known as the 'Yabusame' looks a bit like a Cutter front end meets an On-one back end.

One of key design features is the cut outs on the down tube. This idea is taken from recent BMX frames inorder to help reduce weight, but it's also a great way to help shunt the rear wheel up close against the seat tube inorder to help give a tight back end.

Other spec features are it's got the all important v-brake mounts (positioned on the underside of the seat stays to keep protected from mallets) and it's made from 4130 double-butted cromo tubing - tough!

All in, I'm liking it.

2010 is def gonna be the year of the Polo frames.



Rupert said...

missed the all important stat...26 or 700?!

Team Cosmic said...


Don't like the cutouts but really love the rest.


Team Cosmic said...

Reckon running 26's with phat tyres would be rad, esp as you run a v brake.

Dont think the cutout are great either, last thing you want is rain or dirt flicking off your tyre into your frame!