Cosmic Win East Festival Tourney 06.03.10

On Saturday, as part of The East Festival, which celebrates all things Commonwealth, a temporary polo court was set up under the roof of London's Spitifields Market, to hold a morning of 'get involved' throw-ins and then an afternoon exhibition tourney featuring the current top 8 teams from the London Polo League.

And what an awesome day of exhibition polo the masses witnessed!

Unfortunately Tom couldn't make the tourney due to commitments in Dam, so we drafted in the young fresh talent of Emmet.

Many thought our choice was foolish, but for some time now, Todd and I have been keeping a watchful eye on the rat tailed boy from Souffs and could see that behind the inexperience and badly made mallets, lied a talent that just needed some support and an opportunity to shine.

No sooner after Emmet put on the purple team Cosmic T, gave his parents a kiss at court side and the first 3,2,1, polo was called, he stepped up and didn't look back as the day unfolded to be his best polo diary day ever!

Emmet was awesome and contributed so much to help take Cosmic to a win in what was no easy tournement.

Myself, Todd, Tom, the London Polo scene and I'm sure Emmet's parents, are so proud of how he played and the polo persona he gave off on court. As each game progressed and the win's ammounted, his smile got bigger.

As for Todd and I, it was awesome to play some great polo in such a famous East London location and infront of so many nonpolo on lookers, as well as the regular Cosmic fans.

To quote a small child in the crowd...

"my favourite are the purple ones, i think they'll win. i feel sorry for the brown ones, they fall down a lot".


Here are the results:

Group 1:
Cosmic 4 - 2 Zombie
Cosmic 2 - 1 Apples
Cosmic 4 - ThreeBeards 3

Quarter Finals :
14 Co (BAD) 3 - 1 Zombie
Malice 4 - 3 La Schmoove
Three Beards 5 - 4 ELKS
Cosmic 5 - 1 Rotten Apples

Semi Finals :
Malice 3 - 1 14 Co (BAD)
Cosmic 4 - 1 Three Beards

Final :
Cosmic 3 - 2 Malice
Cosmic win with Golden Goal

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