28.03.10 British Summer Time Begins

This Sunday 28.03.04 the clocks change, meaning we get a whole extra hour of light in the evening, meaning we're an hour closer to week night play at Downham - whoop whoop!

It's with the thought of BBQ Polo days, that I remembered back to all the snow we've had this winter. Back in Decemeber it was so crazy. However, that didn't stop the committed NE scene from playing Polo. One Saturday a bunch of us spent 4 hours clearing the snow from Downham for just 3 hours of play...but hell it was worth it. Infact, it was actually really rewarding.

We had a 1,2,3 clearing system in place. First, by using an estate agent sign, someone would clear the top layer of snow. Then someone would follow behind with a spade to scrape off the ice beneath. Then finally a broom was used to sweep up the loose stuff.

The epic task resulted in almost perfect playing conditions.

I think by having gone through this much effort to play polo, now, no bad weather condition will stop us from playing ever again. Although, I still can't wait for play in just a T and shorts!

10am ish


Operation Snow Clear Crew


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