Three to go!

Just back from a fantastic week in London in which Cosmic managed to get three league games played. It was truly cosmic to play together again after a month apart! We won all three fixtures - against Polo Fiasco, Sparkle Motion and the Rotten Apples - and we won 8 games out of 9, the one dropped point went to the Apples who've improved loads over the Christmas break.

We've three games left and need to win them all to have any chance of finishing top of the league. They're all tough: La Schmoove, Malice and last year's champions, BAD polo. Fingers crossed some other team can take a point or two off BAD in the meantime.

Here are a couple more pics from Saturday's action. Great to see Wigan Will down there snapping away again!

All eyes turn now to Karlsruhe, and our first team appearace overseas. 2 days to go!!

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